Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Truth About Dillard's

Where I come from, the Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom of my little city is Dillard's.  People will ask me, "Where did you get that dress?!" and I gladly answer, "Dillard's! For only $15!!" People are shocked when I refer to Dillard's as an inexpensive department store, because on normal days, it is. This department store sells amazing designer items at expensive prices. But that's where I come in...

Sometimes, Dillard's has absolutely amazing clearance events and sales!! They usually just want to get rid of all their clothes immediately for new seasons and therefore mark things down extremely cheap. Currently Dillard's has anything from 40-65% off with an extra 30-40% off!! Deal? I think so. I got a designer dress for $31, regular $100. That's pretty much 70% off!! And this is just the beginning of their sale. Usually after a type of sale like this, they have even better sales right after, such as 65% with an extra 40%.  I know I got my Formal Dance dress for $8 in high school from Dillard's. And I was still one of the fairest of them all at the dance.

To Dillard's Clearance Event

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