Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Be an 'Alluring' Winner

I like to consider myself pretty lucky, but we all know it takes strategy to win.  Here's a little hint from by bag of tricks so you can be a winner in Allure Magazine's August Free Stuff Blowout.  All month long, Allure gives away tons of free luxurious goodies to their readers: 32,350 items to be exact. Visit their free stuff calendar to view the specific time to enter.  Be sure to account for the time difference because the times are in E.S.T. (So for instance, I must subtract 3 hours because I live in an area with P.S.T.)  At the specified time, enter your online entry or scan the master entry tag.  The first specified entries to enter the contest win the freebie. But there is a little trick to it that will increase your odds...

  • Right before the specified time, open a web page of the exact time
  • Click 'submit' about 4-9 seconds (though it fluctuates about 3 seconds), before the specified time, watching the exact time as you do so. 
These tips will increase your chances of winning. The trick is to submit your entry before and not after the specified time.  When thousands of readers click the 'submit' button as their clocks change, the server becomes extremely slow and your entry will be entered late even though you tried to submit it at the correct time. It is a lot like trying to win a radio station contest; everyone is calling in so you have to get lucky if you want to get in yourself.  The time to enter early fluctuates, but the trick has helped me score numerous prizes from Allure. 

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