Friday, August 10, 2012

Rasputin is Music To My Ears

What would a runway be without that catchy, beat-driving-catwalk song?  Glamorous chicks need music, and I know the perfect place to find it.  Though some are familiar with Rasputin Music, most are unaware of how unique their store truly is.  Though our time is faced with huge reductions in record stores everywhere, Rasputin Music still stands as the greatest and largest chain of record stores in the Bay Area.  The store offers a huge selection of music, games, books, movies, and much more. The greatest part of their store is their collection of used music. Not only do they have extremely low prices on popular modern CDs, but they also have an excellent close-out section where you can find music anywhere from $1-$3.  For the closeouts, if you buy a certain number of CDs (four at my location), you get another closeout free! The best part is, their closeout is full of great music and selection; it is always a thrill to look through the stacks and see what I can find.

Rasputin also offers low prices on used video games, records, movies, etc. Their video game selection is pretty rockin' and their used movies are always extremely inexpensive. They also have a good selection of giant posters and rare posters (such as band art and tour posters).  These are also very inexpensive and Rasputin sometimes features sale bins on posters.  There are also sometimes sales on their clothing and Rasputin merchandise.  Stop into your local Rasputin to see what you find!


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