Thursday, August 2, 2012

In the Bay? Come visit my friend, Jessica!

Jessica McClintock is one of the first brands a girl thinks of when someone says 'prom dress'.  True, McClintock has given many high school girls their first prom dress, but the brand is also excellent for any events ranging from semi-formal gatherings to fancy cocktail parties. The company is based in San Francisco, CA where their outlet is also located.  One of my good friends introduced me to the store and I've been 'in love' ever since.

The store has a huge collection of dresses. Their New Arrivals section is anywhere from 25-50% off the regular price for a given dress.  They always have racks that are anywhere from 50-75% off their reduced price. As you can see, this is already a steal. After a period of time, those dresses are finally marked to $10 or $15.

I visited the store yesterday and was ecstatic to find their Blowout Sale for the end of the season.  All silver dresses were $15.  (I want to say there were about 6-8 racks of silver dresses...) There was a long rack bordering the entire west wall that also carried a variety of $15 dresses.  All racks in the front of the store were 70% off their list price. The average cost of these dresses were about $21. There was another section of floor-length evening dresses for $15.  All bridal dresses were 75% off as well as long prom dresses. (If you are planning to get married, a whole section of the store was dedicated to white wedding dresses. 75% off. Just saying.)  I was dismayed to find my prom dress for $22.50 when I paid about $90 for it on sale.

If you live around the Bay Area, visiting, and/or love dresses- this is for you. (I was informed to go during the weekdays where you have the store to yourself.  Weekends are always hectic, filled with excited high school girls and fashionistas like me.)

Address: 25 15th St.
               San Francisco, CA 94103
               in SOMA neighborhood  

(I bought the dress above for $21.50 total.) 

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