Saturday, August 4, 2012

Steal This Art- They Said We Could!

The finer things in life encompass our culture along with the extraordinary creations that inspire us to think, feel, and continue that creation. One of the most captivating creations that evokes imagination and inspiration is the art of the Lowbrow Movement with its varying degrees of darkness, humor, pop-culture, and use of medium.  I have always identified with this art form due its roots in Southern California, my love of cartoon animation, and my youthful age.

Steal This Art is an excellent way to purchase high-quality prints of art from the Lowbrow Movement and eliminate the hassle of frames and high costs (like the prices at Urban Oufitters).  Every week day, Steal This Art sells a limited number of a particular work of art for only 24 hours or until it is sold out.  I find the prices average about $20-30.  The prints are usually numbered and signed by the artist, so the price is definitely a 'steal'.  Join their emailing list to get alerts of new art pieces; this saves you the hassle of going to the website everyday.

To Steal This Art

Project by Unhuman
Depot by Allison Sommers
DJ Black Rabbit by Aaron Jasinski

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