Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga has recently released her first perfume, Fame. This perfume features the notes of Atropa belladonna, Tiger Orchid, incense, apricot, saffron, and honey.  The true excitement comes from its history making chemistry: it is the first perfume to appear an opaque black, but sprays clear.  It was first rumored to smell of blood and semen as the perfume's chemistry is based upon her own blood's molecular structure. Lady Gaga commented that instead, the perfume would make one smell like an 'expensive hooker'.  Unlike most celebrities out there, a Gaga does not simply have a perfume...

Lady Gaga's new perfume is a prime example of the message she brings to her Little Monsters: to let go of all your inhibitions and be the person you know yourself to be.  Throughout the history of perfume from the second millennium B.C. until today, not one except Lady Gaga has imagined a perfume to appear opaque, but spray clear.  Should Lady Gaga have strayed from the artistic thinker she truly is, the world would be waiting a bit longer for a perfume like hers. 

Though one can criticize Lady Gaga of her dress, risque behavior, and controversy, we can not argue with her empowering message of being yourself. It is an age old piece of advice that a majority of individuals fail to follow.  When the whole world is looking one way, but you want to look the other, just remember Lady Gaga and the dent she has made in our culture. She once believed she was a freak- and she was right. But she was a freak who changed the music industry and concert theatrics, fashion industry, and lives of so many out there. A long time ago, she had no followers but still stayed true to herself; she is still the same person today, but now lives in a world with people who have come to see her eye to eye.  So the next time you feel like an outsider who must be someone else for the people around you, remember Lady Gaga and how her decision to be herself changed our world forever.

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